Will ‘Arrow’ kill off Felicity and 8 more questions that need answers

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The “Arrow” fall finale has almost arrived and with so much on the line, it’s sure to be a heart-stopping hour of chaos, drama and maybe even a little holiday spirit, if you’re lucky.

With so much teasing done in the trailer for the episode — “Dark Waters” — there are several questions that need answers. Who better than you, the faithful “Arrow” fanbase, to provide those answers. Follow along with Zap2it as we tackle the big questions for the episodes and leave the answer up to you.

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1. Will Felicity die?

If Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) gasping for air while frantically telling Oliver (Stephen Amell) she loves him is any indication, everyone’s favorite computer genius is in serious danger. Would the writers actually kill her off, though? For that matter, are they prepared for the guaranteed rioting, should that take place?

Either way, death isn’t necessarily forever in the “Arrow” universe, so it could just be a temporary case of being deceased.

2. Will anyone from Team Arrow die?

It doesn’t seem like Felicity is the only one Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) is targeting. He wants to strip everything away from Oliver, and that includes all of Team Arrow. Will we be saying “goodbye” to one of them in the fall finale?

3. Will we find out who’s in the flash-forward coffin?

A death is coming — that much was spelled out in the Season 4 premiere of “Arrow.” Will this be the episode that finally reveals who is in the coffin, though?

4. Will Oliver tell Felicity about his son?

Oliver’s got a secret bottled up inside of him and it’s causing him to lie to Felicity. After the growing he’s done as a man over the last year, many thought he was beyond hiding things from those he loves. Will Oliver finally come to his senses and spill the beans?

5. Will Olicity break up?

In the time line Barry (Grant Gustin) erased, Felicity and Oliver broke up when she kept the secret of a child from him. Should the truth come out, is that what’s going to happen again?

6. Will there be a crossover from ‘The Flash’?

It’s only one week removed from the crossover event, but clearly Oliver is in over his head. Could help be on the way from Central City to help the poor guy out, while he’s watching everyone he loves die?

7. Will Donna Smoak and Quentin Lance end up in bed together?

There’s already photos of Smoak and Lance getting very close for Christmas. Exactly how far will this hookup go, though? Both of these two deserve a little loving in their lives, so will they spend their holiday between the sheets?

8. Will anyone have a merry Christmas?

There’s a lot of bad coming to Star City for the holidays, but will anyone actually end the fall finale with a smile on their face and maybe a little bit of cheer in their lives?

9. Will Felicity get a proper Hanukkah celebration?

Forget Christmas, what about Felicity? Will she get the Hanukkah she deserves?

The “Arrow” fall finale airs Wednesday, Dec. 9, at 8 p.m. on Portland’s CW.