Why Stephen Amell needs to appear on ‘Supernatural’s’ pro wrestling episode

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 It turns out the “Supernatural” boys are going to be slapping on some spandex tights and stepping into the world of professional wrestling for an upcoming episode. That news comes from TVLine, who reports Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) will be helping out a group of wrestlers on tour who are being haunted by … something.

Among the characters revealed from the episode are a wrestling legend named Gunnar Lawless, a rookie called Shawn Harley and Rio — a wrestling manager.

Who to cast in these roles, though?

Well, Shawn Harley — the rookie — is an easy one to place. “Supernatural” producers simple need to look at their network lineup and realize “Arrow” star Stephen Amell was born to play the role.

Why Amell, you ask? What a great question. Let Zap2it break down 5 reasons he’s the perfect choice.

1. Network synergy

It would be a great cross-promotional opportunity for both “Arrow” and “Supernatural.” One of the CW’s biggest stars popping up on another top show of the network’s? That has good idea written all over it.

Plus, both shows shoot in Vancouver, so Amell wouldn’t even really have to travel far to guest star on the show. Of course, fitting it in around his “Arrow” schedule may be a little difficult.

2. He actually loves professional wrestling

Amell has been loud and proud about his status as a professional wrestling fan, even campaigning to win a Slammy Award for his appearances on WWE programming. Taking on the role of a wrestler seems like a natural extension for the actor — and a bit of wish-fulfillment to boot.

3. It’s a chance to stretch his wings

While Amell is best known as Oliver Queen, why not take the chance to diversify himself a little bit? “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2” is heading to theaters in 2016, and will see the actor portray Casey Jones. While that will certainly open him up to a brand new audience that will see him as something other than Oliver, an appearance as a wrestler on “Supernatural” would do the very same.

4. He has a WWE match under his belt

In addition to being a fan, Amell is technically a wrestler. He had his debut match at “SummerSlam”in August and he had what it takes to, at the very least, hold his own in the ring. He even took a pretty incredible dive from the top rope, landing on his opponents King Barrett and Stardust.

5. Evidently, he’s a fan of the show

Sure, dreaming of Amell as a wrestler on “Supernatural” is fun to do, but what if he hates the show? Luckily, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Though he’s currently on vacation in St. Barts for the holidays, he tweeted a photo of himself watching none other than “Supernatural.” Is that Dean crying?

The tweet could mean a million different things — or even nothing at all. Still, let your imagination run wild for a moment and hope that it’s a bit of a tease about what’s to come from the actor and the show.

Until then, wrestling fans should also hold out hope for a return match from Amell at “WrestleMania” or “SummerSlam” in 2016.