Watch Rachel Bloom totally freak out over her ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Golden Globe

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Rachel Bloom took home Best Actress in a TV Series, Musical/Comedy at the 73rd annual Golden Globe Awards and … let’s just say her acceptance speech put the “crazy” in “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” (in the best way possible).

“Oh my god, oh my god! Oh! Guys, guys, guys, I’m just gonna talk to you as, like, people and pretend that I’m not on TV,” says Bloom, going on to detail how hard it was to get “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” on the air.

“We almost didn’t have a show. We made a pilot for another network and they rejected it. We sent the pilot to every other network in Hollywood and we got six rejections in one day and we felt like crap, but we knew it was good, and Mark Pedowitz from The CW picked it out and he’s the one who saved us! And he’s the reason that there is a musical-comedy on network television right now! I can’t believe I’m saying that!”

Bloom was utterly charming and adorable, so take the Golden Globes’ word for it and start watching “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” Mondays at 8 p.m. on Portland’s CW.