‘Legends of Tomorrow’: Everything you need to know about Rip Hunter

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Now that “Legends of Tomorrow” has premiered and the true intentions of Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) have been revealed — it turns out he didn’t exactly recruit legends — who is this character these misfits are falling in with to stop Vandal Savage (Casper Crump)?

Since the “Arrow”-“The Flash” crossover that introduced Hawkman (Falk Henschel) and Savage to the Arrowverse, there’s only one character on “Legends” who had yet to be seen, and that was Hunter. Now, as the leader of the team, many fans may be wondering what kind of credentials he has.

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The character actually dates back to a 1959 issue of “Showcase.” While there have been many alterations to the character over the years, he’s always been a Time Master, using the past and future as his playground. He’s been an ally of Cleopatra and even traveled as far as the year 12,000,000. Still, Darvill isn’t necessarily relying on most interpretations of the character to guide him.

“Rip’s been depicted in such different ways through the history of the comics — and actually none of them are close to how I’m playing him,” he tells Zap2it and a group of outlets during a visit to the “Legends of Tomorrow” set.

There is one series, which helped him discover something about the character, though.

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“My key into him was reading the ‘Vanishing Point’ comic, which I like. It made me realize I can make him stronger than I thought he was,” Darvill explains. “He has that kind of action-adventure thing and he can be a leader, which I’m really interested in.”

The six issue “Vanishing Point” mini-series saw Hunter teaming with Hal Jordan, Booster Gold and Superman. With such strong and iconic characters, you might assume Rip would be the one to fall into the background. However, as Darvill explains, “I like the way he’s got Superman and Booster Gold there to contend with, yet he totally leads the way. I think that shows he cans stand up for himself.”

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Rip last appeared in the 2013 comic “Time Warp,” released by Vertigo. While he’s become a rarity in the DC lineup, chances are that’s not going to last long. After all, DC Comics is well-known for releasing side stories from their CW shows as comics. It’s worked for “Arrow” and “The Flash,” so certainly “Legends of Tomorrow” can’t be far behind.