‘Arrow’ fans share their craziest ‘Who’s in the grave?’ theories

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With “Arrow” on a break until the end of March, it’s giving fans plenty of time to think about exactly who is in that grave that was shown as the beginning of Season 4. Small hints have been given here and there, but the speculation has yet to cease and while many are convinced they know the answer to the biggest mystery of the season, the truth will only become clear when it’s revealed.

That said, Zap2it has been busy kicking around some pretty crazy theories about who’s going to die. The best — and most outlandish — is that it’s actually Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) in the grave and that flash forward that removed her from the list of possible victims is actually her ghost, haunting Oliver (Stephen Amell) from beyond the grave.

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After all, she looks pretty upset in that scene and if Oliver let her die, chances are she would be.

But we’re not the only one’s going out on a limb with who may be during six feet under. Zap2it went directly to the show’s fans on Twitter to ask them about their craziest “Who’s in the grave?” theories.

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The responses went all over the map, from fan-favorite characters, to those viewers haven’t seen in years — and of course the fern. Take a look at the best and most insane — in a very good way — fan theories below.

“Arrow” returns Wednesday, March 23, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.