Candice King takes cute to a new level with daughter’s baby photos

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Candice King might spend her nights filming “The Vampire Diaries” but her days are spent taking precious pics of her new baby girl.

Ever since King gave birth to her daughter, Florence May King, in January, the actress has teased fans with details of her new baby-oriented life via her Instagram account. Sometimes it will be a photo of their matching mommy and baby boots or a shot of her strolling her daughter around town.

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But the cutest of these are by far are the partial shots of baby Florence, framed perfectly to hide the little girl’s face from view.

King has been in the public eye for years now, being on one of the most popular vampire shows to ever hit the airwaves and she obviously wants to keep her baby’s life as private as possible. However, she’s also a typical new mom, taking shots of her baby whenever and wherever she can and you’ve got to applaud her for all the different ways she’s managed to post pics of the kid.

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Fuzzy Wuzzy Sunday 🐻

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From fuzzy little animal socks to darling green tutus, this little girl might be hiding from the camera, but she’s doing it in style. Maybe King will start posting pictures of her daughter’s face soon, or maybe she’ll keep her away from the cameras for a few more years.

Or maybe the old superstition is really true after all, and this little vamp just won’t show up in photographs at all.

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Hello Saturday🐺👶🏼🎀

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