What role will Stephen Amell play in ‘Code 8?’

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Stephen and Robbie Amell are two cousins on a mission to take Hollywood by storm, and so far they’re succeeding. On Tuesday morning (March 22), the Amell’s announced that they were making a movie together and launched an IndieGoGo Campaign to get the film funded by the fans themselves.

The movie is called “Code 8,” and along with the campaign video hitting up fans for money, the Amells released a 10-minute teaser of the film that looks seriously impressive.

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“Code 8” tells the story of a young man with powers in a world where 4% of the population has special gifts that have caused society to ostracize them rather than lift them up as heroes. The teaser shows the beginning of a confrontation that launches the plot of the movie and one person notably absent is Stephen Amell.

The “Arrow” actor says his schedule did not allow him to film footage for the teaser, but assuming the movie gets funded, he fully intends to be a part of the feature. From there, it’s only natural to ask: which character will he play?

The Amell’s are keeping spoilers and plot details top-secret at the moment, but there are a few potential characters that would fit Stephen Amell nicely, creating some juicy scenes for the cousins.

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Officer Amell

He might spend most of his time on “Arrow” evading the police, but it might be fun to see Amell suit up in a uniform and help chase down his cousin, whose character gets into a bit of a scrape with the law. Seeing these two on opposite sides would definitely be a kick.

giphy3 What role will Stephen Amell play in Code 8?

Villanous CEO/Politician

Stephen Amell has spent the past four years putting on the vigilante hood and being the tragic hero, so seeing him take on a more menacing and evil character would be a nice change of pace. After all, those robo-cops need a money-hungry CEO or a powerful politician spearheading their methods, and Amell certainly knows how to rock a power suit.

giphy 21 What role will Stephen Amell play in Code 8?

‘Special’ Rebel Leader

Whenever there’s a persecuted minority, you can bet there’s an underground rebel group dedicated to taking down injustice and fighting for equality. Stephen Amell has already got stunt training, he’s a master of parkour and he’s got an instant likability about him that would be perfect for a character like this.

giphy 12 What role will Stephen Amell play in Code 8?

Whichever role he ends up in, Stephen Amell will have the fans to thank for making it happen. In its first 13 hours, the IndieGoGo campaign raised over $100,000, which is more than half of the overall budget. It’s no “Veronica Mars,” but it’s a pretty impressive start.