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  • Oreo mystery flavor revealed … did you guess right?

    The sweet mystery has been solved: Oreo revealed on Tuesday its mystery flavor – Fruity Pebbles! Did you guess right? In October, Oreo said anyone who could figure out its Limited Edition Mystery Flavor could be eligible for a chance to win $50,000. Oreo says the grand prize will be awarded on or around December 11. Read more, here.

  • 9-year-old gives up Xbox for Christmas to help homeless

    ASHLAND COUNTY, Ohio – It is that time of year when children are getting their wish lists to Santa. But when a 9-year-old Ohio boy was given the option of receiving a Christmas gift or helping the homeless, he chose to embrace the spirit of holiday giving. Mikah Frye was with his grandmother in Ashland last week when he noticed people wandering the streets in the cold, according to WJW. Grandmother Terry Brant recalled the conversation: “He said, ‘Grandma it’s […]

  • Boy battling cancer given red carpet treatment at John Deere factory

    EAST MOLINE, Illinois — An Illinois boy who is battling cancer received the red carpet treatment at a John Deere factory. On Monday, employees at John Deere Harvester Works pulled out all the stops for Johnny Becker, an 11-year-old from Pontiac, Illinois. “He chose to visit us, and it’s truly very humbling,” said David Thompson, a machine repairman, “We’ve got everything from signs to shirts to toys for him.” Becker has always been a big fan of farming and John […]

  • 7-year-old’s Elf on the Shelf gets emergency ‘surgery’ after dog attack

    ORLANDO, Fla. – Staff members at a Florida hospital raced to save a tiny patient – and a little girl’s Christmas – after the family dog attacked her Elf on the Shelf. Orlando mother Jenn Thelen said she woke up to the screams of her 7-year-old daughter Aubrie after the family’s German shepherd got ahold of the doll, whose name is Sam, according to a Facebook post Wednesday from the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. Despite the rosy cheeks and […]

  • Homeless veteran who helped stranded woman buys house with fundraiser money

    PHILADELPHIA — After receiving nearly $400,000 in donations, a homeless veteran from North Carolina who spent his last $20 to help a woman when she ran out of gas in Philadelphia finally has a home. Kate McClure, 27, of Bordentown, New Jersey, was driving into Philadelphia on Interstate 95 to visit a friend last month when her car ran out of gas, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I pulled over as far as I could and got out of the car […]

  • Monster fried tenderloin started as a joke, but became a town favorite at Illinois bar

    LONDON MILLS, Ill. – At nearly two pounds, the giant pork tenderloin at Spoonies Bar & Grill is so big it can intimidate some diners, WQAD reports. “(It scares) many people. When you take them out a sandwich that can feed their whole family and each of them get one…’Where am I supposed to put the rest?’…Is always a question,” said Spoonies Manager Ethan Boyer. Boyer says, on average, the restaurant in London Mills, Illinois sells around 300 to 400 […]

  • ‘Neighbor helping neighbor’: Firefighters from several states arrive to help California crews

    LOS ANGELES – With Santa Ana winds predicted to continuing gusting through the weekend, firefighters are arriving from across much of the western U.S. to provided much-needed relief to Southern California agencies. Strike teams have arrived from Nevada, New Mexico, Montana, Utah and Idaho, according to Mark Ghilarducci, director of the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. Colorado is also sending crews, outlets in that state reported. Aurora Fire Rescue’s 4 firefighters arrived with other Colorado fire departments at their […]

  • Starbucks debuts latest crazy creation: The Christmas Tree Frappuccino

    As soon as stores roll out those red cups, you know Starbucks is in the mood for Christmas and social media strangely lights up with seasonal spirit, too. From a zombie themed drink creation and a beverage inspired by unicorns, the coffee giant is finding new ways to capture customers’ attention. This month, it’s the Christmas Tree Frappuccino. Hope this fits in the living room. The #ChristmasTreeFrappuccino is here through 12/11. 😁🚗🎄✨ (US and Canada) A post shared by Starbucks Frappuccino […]

  • How to get your child’s letter to Santa signed & stamped by the big man himself

    The most wonderful time of the year is also the U.S. Postal Service’s busiest. Between today and Christmas day, they’ll deliver 15 billion pieces of mail. Some of those have a long way to go. “We get tons of letters from children addressed to Santa or the North Pole,” Mike Cooke, United States Postal Service Corporate Communications Manager told WQAD. “So we do our best to get those to Santa’s helpers.” Each year, the postal service receives millions of letters […]

  • Mystery winter clothing found hanging in park to help people in need

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Dozens of winter clothing items are sprinkled through a downtown Indianapolis park, some with notes to explain they’re there to help. Visitors at University Park first noticed the scarves, hats and gloves early this week. It’s a mystery who placed the clothing on trees, bushes, statues and posts at the park. The park, located just south of the Indiana War Memorial Museum, is managed by the museum, according to WXIN.  A spokesperson there said he was not […]