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  • Study: Forcing a smile at work may turn you into a heavier drinker off the clock

    UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – If the smile you wear at work is plastered on for customers, you may be hitting the bottle harder than your happier coworkers, a new study from Penn State and the University of Buffalo said. The study focused on people who routinely work with the public, such as teachers, nurses and people in the food service industry. Researchers said people who force themselves to be happy or try to hide feelings of annoyance may be at […]

  • New York City restaurant marketing ‘clean’ Chinese food stirs controversy

    NEW YORK CITY – It hasn’t even been open for a week, but a new Chinese restaurant in Manhattan is at the center of a firestorm. Lucky Lee’s, the brainchild of nutritionist Arielle Haspel, is being marketed as “clean” Chinese food, which critics say has implications that demean American-Chinese cuisine. Social media posts from the restaurant quoting someone saying “I wish there was a place to get healthy Chinese food,” are meant to highlight Haspel’s additive, gluten, MSG and wheat-free […]

  • Car breaks toddler’s 6-story fall from Washington State apartment complex

    REDMOND, Wash. – A 20-month-old child was hospitalized with serious injuries Wednesday after falling from the sixth floor of a Redmond apartment complex and landing on top of a parked car. Police got an emergency call at about 4:45 p.m. Wednesday from Redmond Square Apartments after the toddler fell out of a window.  Authorities said the toddler was laying on a mattress pad on the floor and propped himself up to the window, falling out. The window is reportedly only […]

  • Why everyone is talking about a walrus scene on Netflix

    WARNING: The above clip may be disturbing for some viewers Our Planet clocks in at eight episodes, but it’s a single scene from the newly released Netflix documentary series narrated by David Attenborough that’s making waves. It’s found in Episode two, “Frozen Worlds,” and it involves hundreds of walruses falling to their deaths. The series was made over the course of four years by the same team that gave us the BBC’s Planet Earth series, and Quartzy highlights a distinction between the two: the Netflix […]

  • Texas lawmakers considering death penalty for abortion

    AUSTIN, Texas – A new bill being considered in Texas could make having an abortion punishable by death. House Bill 896 would classify abortion as homicide, making women who abort pregnancies subject to the death penalty if prosecutors choose to pursue it, according to KTTV. According to the New York Daily News, the bill is meant to protect “the right of an unborn child.” “A living human child, from the moment of fertilization on fusion of a human spermatozoon with […]

  • Photos: Car smashes into, kills 600 pound black bear on North Carolina highway

    WASHINGTON COUNTY, N.C. — A car slammed into a 600 pound black bear, wrecking the vehicle and killing the bear Monday in Washington County. The North Carolina Bear Festival, which aims to celebrate the state’s black bears, shared the story on Facebook. At 5:15 a.m., a car was driving on Highway 64 just east of Plymouth when it hit the animal. The driver was not hurt, but the bear died. “We have an expanding human population and an expanding black […]

  • Marine’s remains returned home 70 years after his death

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A member of America’s greatest generation is headed back home 70 years after he died serving his country. Corporal Claire Goldtrap, 21, was killed in the Pacific during World War II. Now, his family is bringing his remains home to Oklahoma. The remains of the Marine who died in the Pacific Theater during WWII returned to his home state with all the ceremony an American hero deserves. “It brings it all home. It just makes it real… […]

  • Alec Baldwin tweets ‘beating Trump would be so easy,’ teases possible presidential run

    NEW YORK – Alec Baldwin suggested Monday he would easily oust President Trump in the 2020 presidential election, and went as far as tweeting about a hypothetical run for the Oval Office. “If I ran for President, would you vote for me?” Baldwin asked in a tweet. “Beating Trump would be so easy.” If I ran for President, would you vote for me? I won’t ask you for any $. And I promise I will win. Beating Trump would be so […]

  • Woman says SUV burst into flames 22 minutes after driving off used car lot

      GRAFTON, Wis. – A Wisconsin woman says the car she saved two years to buy burst into flames 22 minutes after she bought it, and the used car dealership that sold it to her is refusing to give her money back. Images from the incident serve as a haunting reminder of Nicole Brandt’s near-death experience on Wednesday, April 3. “I haven’t been able to drive since then,” Brandt told WITI Monday. She was on I-43 northbound in Grafton, on […]

  • Fisher-Price warns about Rock ‘N Play after reports of deaths

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Fisher-Price and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission are warning people about the company’s Rock ‘N Play due to reports of deaths when infants roll over. According to a release from the CPSC, infants typically begin to roll over at around three months. The Consumer Product Safety Commission said it is aware of 10 infant deaths in the Rock ‘N Play that have happened since 2015, after the babies rolled from their back to their stomach or side, […]

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